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5 Reasons Why You Should Try Tandem Cycling

By Megan Bowker

19th May 2017

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Tandem Cycling has risen in popularity in recent years – gone are the days when tandem bikes were reserved for vintage fairs and novelty purposes. The rise in popularity and the acknowledgements of the benefits has resulted in improvements in the quality and build of tandem bikes.

Many contemporary models, including the Simmonsohn range, have the same technical specification as regular road and mountain bikes. The bikes in the Simmonsohn range in particular are engineered using strong and reliable materials such as stainless steel and aluminium, making them capable of handling the bumpiest roads and weekend rides off the beaten track.

But why should you buy a tandem bike over two individual bikes?

1. No one gets left behind

Because of the collective riding experience, individuals of differing riding ability and stamina can choose a tandem bike because it balances out riding speeds. This is one of the reason these bikes are so popular with couples and friends who both enjoy cycling but struggle to maintain the same pace if they were to ride separately. Tandem cycling eliminate this, as the stronger rider is encouraged to compromise and cycle at a pace that suits both riders. It also allows individuals who cannot ride a bike due to disability or illness to enjoy the great outdoors with the help of another rider.

2. It builds confidence

Many tandem fans comment on how they lacked confidence in cycling prior to sharing a tandem with their cycling partner. However, hopping on the back of a tandem bike can be a great boost to their confidence, as it allows them to become familiar with the road and gets them used to cycling with more power than they may have previously.

3. It helps you learn how to communicate more effectively

You can’t ride a tandem without talking to each other. If you’re cycling at the rear of a tandem, you’re not able to see any potholes or swerves in the road ahead. You’re putting your trust in your cycling partner to guide you, to let you know when to break and quite literally steer you in the right direction. This can seem daunting at first, but learning to read the body language of your cycling partner and constantly informing each other of your actions on the bike can strengthen your relationship both on and off the bike.

4. Tandems get you noticed

It’s not every day that you see a tandem bicycle passing by you on the street while you’re out and about. When you do, it’s something you notice. People of all ages will pay attention to you. Cars will also be more conscious of you on the road, and are likely to give you extra room when overtaking and giving way to you.

5. It’s great for your health

Aside from the obvious health benefits from cycling in general, Tandem bikes have shown to have many additional positive health benefits for riders. Not only do riders tend to burn calories quicker than solo cyclists, it helps to strengthen both riders stamina as it is possible to cycle for longer when you have double the power behind your wheels. It also has many psychological benefits as well. Some studies have even suggested that cycling on a tandem reduces stress quicker than cycling on a solo bike.

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